Two new websites with well-organised content

I've completed new websites for British Pugwash and Slade & Cooper this summer, both have lots of well-organised content, and both are built with Wordpress, but in different ways. 

One of the issues with upgrading a website is the time and energy it takes to wade through all the content, decide what to keep, and then rework it into a new structure with the new content - which someone has to find the time to write as well. It's easier if you're well organised, as both these organisations are, with a clear idea of what you want to achieve.

Slade & Cooper's website lists their services in a fixed hierarchy of highly structured short articles, the information is relatively static. A big menu, colour coded buttons, icons and simple graphics, are the tools for navigating through all this content. The short simple articles are easy to keep up to date, people are used to using the Wordpress editor, having done a bit of blogging. Another reason for choosing short static pages, most of the information was organised like this on their old site, so it was quicker and easier to migrate it across.

British Pugwash is largely an archive and so a category structure has been designed and built to best reflect how people will expect to find their way through the wealth of reports, events and publications.  The old website was fixed pages, so a lot of time was spent carefully splitting up the material and updating the links.  It's now on a solid footing and there is plenty of room for it to grow and expand.