Google Translate and BrowseAloud - learning curves

Google Translate is pretty much the only translation tool unless you have a lot of money to spend, and it works pretty well for the SAIL website, although maybe not with BrowseAloud.

SAIL - Stockport Advice and Information for Life - is a website of the main advice agencies in Stockport, to guide people using web-based advice resources. The main aim of the website is to channel people through to other websites, it doesn't hold a lot of textual information, so there's a limit to how effective access tools can be.

Google Translate - as a popular Wordpress plugin, works well enough while people are still on the site, apart from a couple of issues with words that are images, not text. Users like it, and understand it's going to be functional, not perfect. It's best not not to get side-tracked by the flags too much - the dropdown list is the most reliable way to find your language. Flags are eye-catching, but they represent countries, not languages, so sometimes several languages use the same flag.

BrowseAloud is the visual access tool for pc and laptop users. It's useful for reading out articles and accessible pdf files - handily, you can save them as mp3 files too. It's maybe a bit too expensive for a website that channels people to other websites where BrowseAloud can't follow, and it's not much use if you're using SAIL on your phone.

They don't work together though - BrowseAloud can read out a language with a Roman alphabet, but it reads it out phonetically in English. Bit like the very first beginners language class.