Is there still a role for Joomla?

Wordpress has taken over the mainstream, especially for small organisation websites. You tend to forget that Joomla is still there - is there still a role for it?

Wordpress connects with most of the web services you are likely to need, it is getting easier to use by the minute. There's a lot of people who can help you with it, and it hasn't been corporatised yet. But it can get out of hand, add on too many plugins, and it quickly becomes clunky, and a nightmare to keep up to date (not everything updates as automatically and as smoothly as it pretends to).

Coming back to Joomla after a couple of years, it's good to see all the admin and security functions are right there, you don't have to add in the plugins, like you do with Wordpress. The style of themes and frameworks has pretty much kept pace, the admin interface is better, and keeping the cms up to date is much slicker too. But there isn't the choice of plugins, hook-ins, or the community, there isn't the buzz or the familiarity, and the editor isn't nearly as good if you're writing regular content.  And for Wordpress, you can usually find somebody on the staff who's used it before.  But sometimes, if you just want a solid cms to organise your content well, without all the extras, then maybe it's a good option? Less choice can be quite refreshing.